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Home to some of the Best snipers in the world...Our DM Server is fast action Sniper Rifle only and very aggressive mixed with some LONG range sniping maps.


DOB: 19 December 2005
Founded by: -=WISEVECTOR=-
Current Leader: Angry Ninja
Occupation: CoD2 and CoD4 gaming clan
Genre: Snipers
CoD2 Version: 1.3
CoD4 Version: 1.7

The -=Sniperfire=-DM eXtreme+ server can be found at:

The -=Sniperfire=- COD4 Sniper Only server can be found at:


The -=Sniperfire=- COD4 Run \'N Gun server can be found at:

Come visit us at our home page.
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