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(IA) Imperial Army

(IA) Imperial Army - A Call of Duty: United Offensive clan and website build by gamers for gamers. Where a clan by any other name is just a clan. So come join us.... for a beating you'll never forget.


The (IA) Imperial Army Clan is based in the United States, with members from
all over the world. We started on Call of Duty: United Offensive v1.41 in June of 2006.
Since then have become one of the most popular clans of Call of Duty: UO version 1.41, and have become a leader in custom mods.
Our clan servers are monitored by administrators virtually all the time. Their duties are
to protect the server from potential hackers and watch for cheaters.
If you join our server and have ANY problems please let us know at once so we can address the issue quickly.
Please visit us at any time at www.weria.org.
- Thanks -

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