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We welcome all friendly players to come and have a good fun game on our servers, They are clean of cheaters and people who just want to spoil your fun...And we like to keep it that way for you guys...So come and join in, we garentie you will like it.


About Born2Conquer....

We have been established as a clan since April of 2008, so in relation to some clans we are pretty young. but our clan members are full of experience, we are mainly a COD4 clan,

we are constantly administrating our servers to keep them free from cheaters and unfriendly players..Our goal is to create nice clean servers, with a friendly enviroment for everyone to enjoy and want to visit over and over again....

we have 3 cod4 servers:

1: .:B2C:. Search & Destroy 24/7
2: .:B2C:. HardCore TDM 24/7
3: .:B2C:. 24/7 PromodLive

soon we will have more, But thats for the future once we grow a bit more as a clan....Also we run the awesome program "CERBEROS SERVER WATCH" For more info on this program go HERE this program watches over our servers..so even when the .:B2C:. admin are not about...you know you will still get a good fair game :D

Anyways....We hope you come and visit and when you do be sure to say hello in our forums @ www.born2conquer.org

My kindest regards

JCKET Clan Founder
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