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The [ptsp]clan was officialy founded early 2003., actually, 01.march, 2003. before first sequel of Call Of Duty The Game was released by Activision.

History goes like this. Group of elementary & highschool friends who like computer based games started playing FPS & RTS games in various playgrounds. They started with games like Doom II, Warcraft II, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake I & Quake II, ... Those games bundled us together in noumerous hours & hours of playing.

When Call Of Duty was released, we started playing it in form as [ptsp]clan members. All members together have more than 30.000 hours in Call Of Duty & Call Of Duty 2 games played.

We played first only in our Wireless network, then, as [ptsp]clan grows, we got a Internet server & stuff... All details are on our web page.
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