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The |PARA| Regiment

As real as it gets on COD2,COD4 & COD5 WaW. Custom modded dedicated Euro servers, dedicated War Servers, Full Player Stats, Forums, TeamSpeak, Fast growing clan with World-Wide members and community. There really is no other alternative.


The |PARA| Regiment is a Tactical Realism (TR) clan on the PC Platform !!!

Our gaming servers are engineered to produce an 'as real as it gets' experience on Call Of Duty 2, Call Of Duty 4 and Call Of Duty World at War, utilising the best modifications available today.

The game emphasis being the use of tactics and teamwork to complete the mission objective.

The clan was established Feb. 2008, but our clan membership is growing fast. It consists of people from all over the world, with now easily over 50 years combined experience in Tactical Realism and multi-player gaming.

We bring this experience to our servers to provide you all with a tried and tested method of Tactical Realism game play.

For in game communication, meeting and chatting with friends, and generally having a good laugh, we use TeamSpeak.

We have a zero tolerance policy on racism !!!
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