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[SMOKiNG] Crew

[SMOKiNG] Crew plays at the moment only Call of Duty 4, but we want to play more games. We just started a Clanbase team... !! WE ARE RECRUITING !! Click on details to know more about [SMOKiNG]


A little life story about [SMOKiNG]

[SMOKiNG] is original formed by L00n3y, Wrick, Arjanz, Tis & Obey as a funclan, we rented a server under the name [SMOKiNG] & wrecking Crew Emmen. After we got familiair and we got some 24/7 online players @ our server, they started to asking if the could join [SMOKiNG], we did some thinking and we decided to recruit players into [SMOKiNG]. We did some good business, got nice members n shit, but after some months our servers went online and noone of the founders whas willing to rent another server.

We died!! And some members started a new clan with a server.

But after some months, [SMOKiNG] came back, with L00n3y as leader and sponsor of the server. A brand new start, a new server and a new change. Now we are making some nice steps, we have good and nice members, we have a good warteam and we have a Clanbase warteam. But still we consider ourself as a funclan, serious @ war but fun @ public.

This is our life story for the moment, but now you now a little about [SMOKiNG]
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