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=ABC= Gaming Community

The Army of Bloodshed and Chaos invites you to visit us on the battlefield! We offer COD 1, COD 4, BC2, and will soon include MOH and COD:BO. Our community focuses on teamwork and sportsmanship in a mature, friendly, cheat free environment.


Visit the Army of Bloodshed and Chaos! At =ABC= we offer Call of Duty based games as well as Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Some of our members play other games as well, such as MW2, L4D, APB, and TF2. Our powerful dedicated server, located in Dallas, TX (provided by NFO) runs lag free and features the latest anti-cheat technology. All of our servers stream 24/7 to Punkbuster and PunksBusted to ensure a friendly, cheat-free environment. Our membership is largely over 18 and primarily over 30, (but all ages are welcome) so you can be assured of a mature experience without someone shouting "NOOB!" all the time! At =ABC= all members are considered equals. We have a limited command structure that ensures every member has a voice! We offer in-clan tournaments and regularly participate in other tournaments and leagues as well. So come and join us at =ABC=! Where gamers come to game!
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