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1. General Server Information
Q: What do I do to become a GM?
A: There are currently four steps in become a GM (Game Master). The first step in the four step process in becoming a GM is to send an application to via in the in-game mail system. Send in your: Name, Age, Location, and your Email Address. The second step in the process is a 2/3rd Majority vote by the current GMs. The current GMs will vote on the players who they believe best fit the position. The third step is the second to last step in the GM process and is the Interview between the chose candidate and the head GM. This brings us to the last step which is the becoming a trial GM.

2. Leveling
Q: What is “Boosting”?
A: Boosting refers to an “instant” jump between levels. Essentially, it’s a jump between any level to “instant 270” which is the server’s cap for levels at the moment. The actual tactics used to level someone in such a manner will not be spelled out due to the fact that it is no longer possible. The actual Boost was available to the public prior to the WOTLK Expansion and was conducted by a VIP player. There are currently two ways to reach level 270; alone/group or by becoming VIP. More on that further down.

Q: How do I level?
A: The WoWlichking server has an experience rate of 200 times the normal. Let’s break it down a little further, shall we? The “retail” World of Warcraft (retail referring to actual Blizzard owned servers which one would pay a fee to access) have a slow leveling rate. Take that rate and multiply that by 100, and now you are cookin’ with gasoline! A solo player wishing to level alone will be able to achieve maximum leveling speed by combining grinding, questing, and sheer instance rampage. Assuming while reading this article you have some retail WoW experience leveling should come with ease as the levels and the areas on the maps should be somewhat familiar. Don’t be afraid to ask in Officer Chat where would be a good place to level!

3. Gear
Q: What are “Donation Items” and VIP?maby
A: Donation items are items players donate and receive via their Magic Stone giving them intense. Donation range from $10 - $400 United States Dollars, and from Level 1 – Level 6. The donations come as a package and you get an entire wardrobe with weapons and a few extras. Players who donate, regardless of the Level, instantly become VIPs. VIP’s are players who receive a few bonus features in both their Magic Stone and their players skills. For example, some players would be able to duel-wield as VIPs, but as non-VIPs they could not. You can visit the website for pictures along with further information about the items.

4. Custom Information
Q: What is the “Task Area”? (AKA – “TA”)
A: The almighty Task Area is WoWlichking’s focal point. It’s where the custom quests are obtained and where you are most likely to find an active GM. There is one very important rule for the Task Area and the main server. You are NOT to duel or PVP in the Task Area. You WILL be banned from the server for an unspecified time; just don’t do it. The location of the Task Area is on the Stairs of Destiny in the outlands, directly in front of the portal entering the Outlands. Still not sure where or how to get there? Use your Magic Stone, chap.

Q: What is the Magic Stone?
A: The Magic Stone is special item found in your bag as you start your journey on WoWlichking. It’s a teleportation, information, and entertainment object. It’s important that you understand how to use the Magic Stone before you start wondering the world. The most important feature of the Magic Stone is its ability to teleport you to different essential places on the World of Warcraft map. It’s self explanatory once you start using it on a regular basis taking from different main cities to very high end, custom dungeons. Use it and use it well!
Q: Where can I purchase a land mount and when I can I use it?
A: Like retail, a player can begin using a land mount at level 40. A large assortment of land mount, both for Horde and Alliance can be found at the Task Area
Q: Help! I need to learn my spells?
A: A special custom NPC can be found in each main city to help you learn your spells and skills. Keep in mind that you can also find “retail” trainers in main cities in case there is an issue with the custom ones.

5. Server Rules
Q: I got “kicked” off of the server, why?
A: Generally speaking, one would be kicked for violating one of the following rules: Not speaking in English in Officer Chat, Swearing, Insulting a GM, Attacking a GM, Begging, Killing Players while they are attacking a Boss, Trading in Officer Chat, and Spamming in Officer Chat.
Q: I got “banned” off of the server, why?
A: Generally speaking, one would be banned for violating on eof the following rules: What will result in a "BAN"? If you Duel in the Task Area (TA), Hacking or Exploiting, Consistent Spam and Caps, Consistent Disrespect of GM's or Players alike, and disrespect for the general server
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