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Cs All Stars

CAS - One of the best cs1.6 non-steam clans, server ip = ( If you search for a Counter-Strike 1.6 team to join or willing to find good companions in your journey of life-wasting, this place is perfect for you.


Cs All Stars is a North-American clan which unites some of the best Pub Counter-Strike players all around the globe and it grown to become one of most visited CS forums in its 2 years of existence.
It’s a warm, steadily growing community with two public Counter-Strike 1.6 servers (with people constantly playing on it) and one private server for scrim and practice. There are plans to open several more servers for other games close to CS (Source, CZ, HL, L4D).
It’s a clan where pub players unite to feel like an amateur pro team or just feel the warmth of friendship and companionship…

If you search for a team to join or willing to find good companions in your journey of life-wasting, this place is perfect for you. Joining process is a little long and boring, but easy and it is certainly worth it.

If you search for Counter-Strike-related tutorials, pass by. We have them, but they are all pretty useless on a long run. Maybe just to try some stuff...

If you search for PC-related tutorials, which is weird to find in cs-based website, be our guest. We have some of the rarest and amazing, unique and practically necessary tutorials you will ever see, all written by our tech support.

If you search a team or a place with who and where you can practice, just contact us and we will happy to open our private server for you and your team and gladly practice with you if you need someone to do it with. That is where the word "symbiosis" would be mostly appropriate.

If you search for an experienced team to scrim, feel free to contact us any time for random time or visit our forums to schedule time and date.

P.S. Beware of CAS leader. He's a good guy, but just too self-centered. (Good leadership quality if used correctly and quite bad for relationships if used incorrectly. So let us explore more of our beastly side, let's judge people, let's criticise people, let's say everything bad to each-other about them. Let's start to be normal, like any other member of society…(seriously wtf with the ending?)
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