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Hi Folks!

After a long absence Zamunda G.S. opened again and your welcome. We open the doors with a Diablo 2 1.10 Classic server and awaiting your requests for other gaming servers that you want to play.

What's new with us?

We can offer you new and easy to use web site and forum system.

Why choose us?

This is a good question and deserves a good answer. We will show what distinguishes us from others.

* We have the latest generation servers with great ping!
* A professional team that is ready to assist you at any cost!
* Excellent and articulate team behind Server machines!
* 24/7/365 assistance.
* Data Center with 24 / 7 monitoring of servers.
* Continuous development of staff and services for our servers.

If you are tired of compromising choose us.

How to connect with Diablo 2 server?

To play Diablo 2 server Zamunda G.S. need the following:

* 1. Clean install of Diablo 2 upgraded to version 1.10 - Torrent
* 2. Register the server, you can make from - HERE
* 3. To connect with our server, we recommend to use - Registry File
* 4. If you use the Bnet Gateway is necessary to enter the following data:

Server Name: Zamunda G.S.

Zone: 0

IP address:

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