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Chaos Chapter

Train, Fight, Survive! Think you have what it takes to be a top warrior in this fast paced RPG? Then sign up today!


ChaosChapter - Long ago there was a city called Cyron... Our old city.
It was attacked brutally and fast by the great warriror Dashi. Everyone was seperated, spare a few who were lucky enough to escape with Powercore.

He trecked through many viguorous terrains to get to a new land and once there he quickly set up this small city of Spira in hope that others lost in the panic, would find their way here.

Cyron was the most civilized city in this entire world. Populated by the most superior race and defended by the most skilled warriors, how could it be successfully attacked?!?!

No one knows. All that we know is that those who find their way here are extremely lucky.

Your Goal is to train and find out who attacked this city, and get your revenge!!!
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