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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Online

San Andreas Online RP/DM [Online 24/7][Max Players = 500][Friendly GM's] [New Missions Added Often][Houses, Business, and Jobs][Role Play/DM Server][AntiCheat Enabled]


We Are Back Online!

The New Updated Server Is Up and Running!
You will need to upgrade to the newest client files located on our forum
(www.saorp.co.nr) or get them at (www.sa-mp.com)
Everyone needs to make a new account.

Come join the fun.

10 Player Slots for now to check for bugs. Your welcome to come help us :)

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our San Andreas Online Server. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is a Online Multiplayer Mod of the Original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. In our server you can get a job as a Lawyer, Car Dealer, Mechanic, Drug Dealer, and much more. You can also join a family such as a Cop, Mafia, License Teacher, Army, and many more. You can also buy, own, or rent, and upgrade a House. You can own a business and receive money from people that use your business. There are so many things you can do that can keep you busy.

Our server is a Role Play/DM server, which means you can gain levels, and upgrade your stats.
The DM stands for Death Match..Yes Death Match In a RP Server. Only 1 catch..you need to be in a gang to DM. We have 5 different Gangs for you to choose from ;)

We are not a strict Role Play server meaning we do not make you type lame RP commands to do odd things. Example: /me Turns car off, /me takes seatbelt off, /me blah blah blah...just play, and have fun!

Now that you know what we are, and what you can do, Join Us, and become a part of our Community.
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