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ThunderStorm CT1,5

Lov rate Hellbound server , stable , No gm shops , no buffers , classic style. Work to be the best! and have fun: )


Thunderstorm Lineage 2 Hellbound Server

- Exp: x5
- SP: x5
- Drop: x4
- Adena: x7
- Spoil: x4
- Quests: x1
- Party exp: x1.3
- L2J files
- Stable version
- We are working all time to repair left bugs
- Server: Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, Intel Core2Quad Q6600, 8GB DDR2 RAM, SATA2 250GB, 100MBit connection

- Most of retail settings (ex. buffs 20 minutes, no gmshop, no buffers)
- Seven Sings, Castle Sieges, Events etc.
- Kind people and GMs
- Balanced donations (no items!)

Work to be the best and have fun!
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