-International retail like low rate c4 server Rates: 5x/5x/5x/5x/5x Retail like settings with just few custom features to make it more fun to play. Please visit our website for more info. Come and join us.


We are back !!!

Im happy to announce the comeback of our beloved
oldschool type Chronicle 4 server.

We spend lot of time fixing and testing stuff to bring you
a retail like L2 gameplay you all loved back in 2006.

Lots of improvements have been made the last couple of weeks.

These include:
-monster ai/stats/skills
-geodata + pathfinding
-quest scripts
-summons/pets/cubics ai
-and lot more.

Please check the feature area to learn more about the server rates and settings.

We are back, and better then ever.


Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Scions of Destiny (C4)


* XP/SP 5x
* Party Bonus 30%
* Drop 5x
* Spoil 5x
* Adena 5x
* Raid Boss Drop 3x
* Grand Boss Jewelry drop 1x


* Dual Boxing not allowed
* Buff Times : retail like
* Enchant Rates : retail like
* Enchant safe : +4
* Full Geodata and Pathfinding
* Full working Olympiad
* All C4 locations and raids
* c4 - Fishing
* c4 - Baby Pets
* c4 - Skill enchanting
* c4 - 3rd Profession skills and quests

Oldschool C4 gameplay:

* No Vitality System
* No Herbs
* No Common Items
* No Shadow Items
* No Masterwork crafts

Custom additions:

* Quest Item seller for 1st and 2nd class change quests
* Newbie buffs till lv 40
* Adventurers weapons for new characters
* Increased drop rates for vital quests
* Champion Monsters
* Offline trading/crafting
* Ingame droplist (shift+left click)
* Manually enable/disable exp gain (.expon / .expoff)
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