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L2EXtreme :: FREYA !

FREYA chronicle Rates x10 (Adena/Spoil x12) Quest Rates x5 ClassMaster DualBox allowed


Aria x10 Server features:

FREYA chronicle

Rates x10 (Adena/Spoil x12)
Quest Rates x5
Subclasses without quest
DualBox allowed
Wedding System
Full Anti-Bot System
Full Anti-Hack System

Standard & Custom events
Enchant Safe +3, Max +20
Working Fishing and Manor System
Hero and Olympiads
Castles & Clan Hall & Fortress
Instances like kamaolka, cc, etc.
Fully working Improved pets
New quests
New transformations Skills
New hunting grounds
Skills certification
Attribute system
Attribute skills enchant
Skills +80
S80 craftable
Vitality system
Donation only for hats/event items/agathions etc, no items affecting gameplay.

and many, many more...
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