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L2Strider low rate 1x whitelisted

Oldschool 1x interlude server. Dualbox and offline shop. Fair and balanced. No easy stuff: no newbie buffs, no shadow or common items, not even weapons or armor in npc stores. Buff it yourself. Craft it yourself! Find it yourself!


Server administration have worked hard to balance everything that game functionality offers.
Here nobody can skip gameplay buying himself to top = buy pizza to yourself and enjoy Fair play.
Whitelisting function keeps cheaters away. Gamemasters are friendly and have no tolerance to cheating or botting.

Server has following rates:
exp 1x
drop 1x
sp 1x
spoil 3x

No premium services(no serverkillers).
No adena buy for real money.
No npc buffers.
No armors or weapons in shops.
No herbs.
No vitality system.
No shadow items.
No "common" items.

Yes to:
Friendly community,
Unlimited accounts(online 2 boxes + 2 offline shops),
Support from administration,
Be free to pick Your gamestyle and enjoy it.

L2Strider.eu came to stay up long time!
Join us and relax after long workday with cup of coffee :)
39710 sites in our database.
IN/OUT resets every month.
Time until reset: 6 days, 13 hours and 53 min.

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