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Lineage Coliseum

Lineage II Classic Zaken high rates PVP. EXP SP X300, Adena X100, Drop x3 Spoil x5 100%, Safe enchant +20 max +35. Olympiad/Buffer/Gm shop/full gatekeaper/Customized community board.



Wellcome to our community. Active staff in paralel proces development. Server is live 24/7 with monthly maintenance last day of the mounth.


-85 is max level reached as XP rate 300 / SP rate 300

-Contains customs features Gatekeaper/GM shop/Buffer/Class changer/Noblese (alt +B)

-Adena X100, server uses Gold Enishand. can be changed by Adena or collected in custom zones directly.

-Customized spoils and drops(shift + click on moobs) Drop: rate: 3 chance: 5 Spoil: rate: 10 chance: 5

-Customized PVP zones and drops

-Gamemasters organize events in game at weekends.

-Olimpiad is enable with custom noblese be community board.

-Server time zone is GTM+1


-Epic jewelry only by raids chance 100% 1 per each party member.

-Spawn 5 hours Orfen Core Queen Ant.

-Spawn 12 hours Baium Antharas Valakas.

-Customized drops A grade high lvl all epics.


-Safe enchant +20 Max enchant +35 Enchant rate 80% to +30 60% to +35.

-Belaseed no break weapon

-Improve random enchant +1 / +3

-Solid random enchant +1 / +3 no break no delevel item for items D to B

-Event random enchant +1 / +35 no break no delevel item for weapons D/C


-Location: France

-Procesor: 2 Cores 2,4 GHz

-Memory: 12 GB Ram memory

-Provider: OVH
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