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---"Go where the wind wont take you!" Friendly GMs---Currently updating to a similar source---fun place to be!--- Lots of Uptime!---Join us! CashShop items are sold in the FM, Meso drop can be changed ingame! ^_^ Have fun!---Currently Hamachi based--


Go where the wind won't take you.

This is a free private server for anyone who wishes to join, currently we have to manually change your jobs, but that will soon change. ^_^

All cashshop items are sold in the Free Market, for millions of mesos. We usually keep the meso drop at about 1500x for efficient gathering. ^_^

When there are NX events, will will port everyone to us, and then start it off. Anyone who wishes not to join in on the even should tell us prior to it. But dont worry, the events are fun. Like Balrogs who rule the sky, Pianus, King of the Sea, horntail and Zakum, gods of MapleStory. And much more!

Come join us to see what we have to offer.
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