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LegendzCraft Minecraft 1.5.2 [BETA]
Server IP: LegendzCraft is part of Legendz Network. FREE to join. LegendzCraft is open for BETA. Please visit our forum to add suggestion and bugs etc... Forum Powered by vBulletin 5
A spanish RPG 4 factions : Humans, Dwarfs, Orcs and Trolls each with special skills ! 1.6.2

Acaciacraft 24/7
Acaciacraft Der neue Minigames,GS,Freebuild und HungerGames Server. ✩ Cracked / Premium ✩ ✩ 24 Stunden, 7 Tage die Woche online! ✩ ✩ Farmwelt - GS - Freebuild - PvP ✩ ✩ M
Maykıraft, Maykıraft Oyunları
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About Minecraft and this server list

Minecraft is a game that has taken the world with storm. When you are looking at the game for the first time it's very easy to assume that this is a simple game from 90's but while the graphics of the game is very basic as standard, the functionality and possibilities are almost endless.

Survival mode is one of the most popular game modes of Minecraft. You are set into a world built by bricks and completely generated by random. It is morning and you have a full day ahead of you before the night comes and monsters approaches in the dark. You start with nothing so you will have to be quick to get a few simple tools to survive the night. By chopping down trees and building workbench and new tools you can start gathering stone to make better tools and coal to create torches. These torches provide light during the night or in dark dungeons and also prevents monster from spawning too close or in your house.

While we recommend you learn the basics of the game in single player or with friends in multiplayer, we are providing you with a top list of the best Minecraft websites and servers. Each server or website owner can sign up to the list for free and therefore market their server for free. The top list is sorted by those who have the most votes so it is recommended to place a voting button on the website to have chance while the list grows bigger.

The goal with this Minecraft server list is to create a perfect place for players to find new servers to play on. We hope we will reach that goal and if you have a public server for Minecraft with a website, please sign up and help the list grow bigger.

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A Minecraft trailer that shows you what you can do in the game.
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