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Gangland Mafia

Your main goal is simple to make your crib tighter and badder than everyone elses to help you succeed in a world of mafioso's.lots of additional features added including a stockmarket,place a hit,plane hijacks and much much more


Let Your Inner Mobster Emerge!

You are invited to join this free massively multiplayer online game where you can live as the Don of your own virtual mafia gang. You've seen how Dons live in by watching The Godfather, Wiseguys, and programs like The Sopranos, but why only watch the actors imitate the Dons? You can become your own virtual Don. The Capos will be at your command.

Do you want to conquer other Mafia families, and bring competing little mobsters to their feet? Do you want to have fun? You want to make virtual money? Do you want to live out your Mafia fantasies?

Enter this virtual Mafia world and you will become the boss of a virtual crime gang. As a mobster in the Gangland Mafia world, you won't have any legal restraints to make money.

You can produce virtual goods and sell them in our black market.
You can purchase all the weapons you might need. Grab some cars or jets for travelling.
You can form or join an existing family.
When you decide another player is a real gogootz, Madonna mia, you can zero them ( please note a gogootz is a type of a squash so think of this word as in "has as many brains as a vegetable like a squash").
Really, in the virtual mafia world, there is not much you can't do!

Gangland Mafia.com offers a real cash prize each round along with other amazing prizes so we invite you to join in and meet the other mafioso today.
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