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War of Republics

War of Republics is a text based browser game. Become an industry tycoon with over twenty items to produce, ranging from fruit juices to battle tanks. Become president, minister or congressman and participate in the political life of your country.


War of Republics is a:

Business simulator

-More than twenty different buildings, ranging from fruit plantations to shipyards and research centers.
-Economic skills to improve to work more efficiently.
-Create companies and invite other players to invest in them.

Political simulator

-Become president and choose your government, you will have the heavy task of defining the national policy of your country.
-Become a congressman and vote government laws.
-Manage the taxes and budgets of your country.
-Define national economic priorities.

Geopolitical simulator

-Choose your allies and enemies well, the globe currently has nearly thirty countries.
-The borders define which trade routes will be favored.
-Take care of your neighbors, they may want to take control of some of your areas.
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