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Made Man Mafia

Build your strength and destroy your enemies in this Mafia themed role-playing game. Wind back the clock and enjoy some sweet Mafia nostalgia running on modern systems. Step into your Mafioso shoes, suit up, and grab your gun!


Made Man Mafia (MMM) is a unique and forward-looking online text-based Mafia game. The game Launched in October 2021 and is developing rapidly. MMM is great place to meet players from around the world, form families, and dominate the mafia scene.

  • Multiple weekly cash prizes
  • No purchase required
  • No Download required
  • Mobile friendly - optimisation ongoing
  • Fast Paced - Turns every 5 minutes
  • Continued development - We are constantly improving, updating and adding new aspects of the game
  • MMM Mission Statement
  • Bonus system gives you all kinds of rewards
  • Hire thugs, and dominate by attacking your enemies
  • New ways to earn money
  • Community feedback is valued
  • Growing Game
  • Win fame and notoriety by winning prizes
  • Regular competitions
  • Sign Up NOW!
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