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The Spirit Warriors

Season 3 Ep 2 - Exp 5K, Drop 80% - Summoner - Elbeland Maps - Many Hot Spots For Lvling -3D Cam - New Interface - All Events Working - Daily GM Events - Come Join!


Hello and Welcome to The Spirit Warriors!

This server is new and was launched in December 2007. We offer full season 3 here along with the events, 3rd class character quests and 3rd level wings. Exp for the server is 5000K, drop rate is 70%. Resets are at level 400 and you do keep your stats. Feel free to stop by our forums to find helpful guides or simply to introduce yourself to the community.

B.O.K. (Box Of Kundun) Drops are held twice daily - B.O.K.'s +3 through +5 are dropped for members.

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