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OPENING on MARCH 31 - Free 799 Credits!

Premium Season 9 ep 2 / Two different worlds: x100 and x7000 / Auto Party / Auto Reconnect / Muun System / Bonus Events / Premium website / Reset Reward / Market / Grand Reset / Online hours / CashShop / ..


Version: Premium Season 9 Episode 2
Experience: 200
Items Drop: 25
Maximum Level: 400
Maximum Stats: 32767
Points Per Level all class: 10
Master Level Experience: 100
Maximum Master Level: 330
Auto Party System [accept members auto]
Auto Reconnect System [no DC]
Muun System [get nice pets]
Off-Trade System - [trade Items while offline]
Offlevel System [100k zen per 1 hour]
Pandora Mining System [a way to get jewels]
Mu Roomy System [play and win rewards]
Balanced Event rewards [many type of Items]
Monsters Per Spot 5-7 [on all maps except arena]
NO WCOINS EXCHANGE [get wcoins only in game]
Gremory Case Open With Button K [some event rewards]
Losttower 1-7 Maps Are NON PVP [no killing there]
Command /pkclear Price 10kk * Kill Count
Summoner, MG, RF, DL Create Level: 250
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