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M.A.C A Large But Close Knit Online Family Specialising In BFBC2 & BF3 Warefare. All Members Have Mics & Are On Nearly EveryDay. Dont Have A Clan ? Join Us. Were Fun, Friendly & Have The Laugh. No Rules Just Be Yourself. #1 on top www.top100clans.com


Hi Guys,

As you are well aware we are M.A.C ( Malicious & Cruel ) We primarily are based on Battlefield Bad Comapany 2 & the soon to be Battlefield 3 when it comes out on the 25th October 2011.
Currently we have 77 + members who all have microphones and are on daily. The key to us lasting over 2 years is we all know eachother and are not one of those clans that just have a shit load of members and dont know half of them.
We like to see ourselves as a close knit online family. We are not one of those clans that have try outs and rules to join.
If you like us then stay if not then dont ! Just be yourself. If you have no clan then join up , get in contact with either Silent-Lucidity or an admin and we will set you up to come play with us.
Looking forward to seeing new recruits :)
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