WoE Rewards Legendary Gear/Quests Daily Quests Login Rewards Balanced 3rd Classes Battleground Queue 5k/5k/Dynamic Level 250/120 Stats 200 WoE Core with Castle Rotation Service NPCs No Wipe Dedicated 500Mbit/s


All 3rd Classes (including Baby) Renewal Mechanics WoE 1.0 & 2.0 Castle Rotation Capture The Flag BattleGrounds Special Izlude Battle Arena Soccer Effective AntiCheat System Advanced Auction & Mailing System Rates 5k/5k/Dynamic MaxLvl 250/120 MaxStats 200 Mercenaries PVP Arena Events Custom NPCs Custom Items Custom Quests Active Community Dedicated 500Mbit/s 24/7 Online Stable & Lagless


  • All 3rd Classes available!
  • Renewal Mechanics
  • WoE Castle Rotation
  • Domination, Duel and Capture the Flag Battlegrounds!
  • Custom Commands
  • Channel System
  • Izlude Battle Arena
  • Soccer
  • Mining
  • Effective Anti Cheat System
  • Chat Police
  • Overvend Protection
  • WoE 1.0
  • WoE 2.0
  • Custom Quests
  • Custom NPCs
  • Custom Items
  • Custom Events
  • Official Kafra Shop System
  • Advanced Auction System
  • Official Mailing System
  • A lot Commands
  • Many more...
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