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DragonRO is back! 10/10/10 PatchClient Easy IntallGuide Helpful GMs Custom Hats 300+Custom Palettes(Light+Dark skin) PVP & MVP room Reset NPC Custom Quests Event Ticket & Donation Systems All Classes Homunculus Join Now!



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1. Introduction
DragonRO is a stable, lag-free server which is coming back as v2:Refreshed! and aiming to get more players to join.
We have Patch Client, and an easy install guide, with experienced and helpful GMs if you happen to have any questions.

2. Server specifications/info
- 10/10/10 rates
- 24/7 uptime
- Using eAthena SVN Stable
- We have Custom Hats and 300+ Custom Palettes, PVP and MVP rooms, a free Warpra and Reset NPC, Custom Quests for hats, accessories, and pets, Healer, all the New Classes, and Functioning Homunculus.

3. Technical info
- Our main gameserver is run on a dedicated machine, with more than enough processing power and RAM to handle a large number of players at once. It is a very stable Linux server.

4. GM team
Jaylor (admin)
CuisinartBlade (admin)
Gohan (GM)

5. URL of website/forum
- www.DragonRO.org
- Easy registration in-game
- Patch Client: Download
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