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WoonRO Renewal

100/100/75 | 1x MvP Cards - Fully Implemented Summoner & Rebellion - Episode 14.3 - Custom Instances and Mission System - Fishing - Housing - 100s of Hats - Costume System - Friendly and Welcoming Community - International Server - Much more...


WoonRO was started back in November of 2011. We have had many peaks and many valleys along the way, but we have managed to survive somehow. We have evolved quite a bit over the last year or so. Many players would find new ways to entertain them selves that they may not have had in the beginning of this year. So we encourage you to come and see what's new.

Here is some basic info on our server, for more check out our website.

Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level (Reborn): 70
Base Exp: 150x
Job Exp: 150x
Quest Exp:150x
Item Drop Rate: 50x
Card Drop Rate: 50x
MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x
Max Aspd: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Languages Supported: English
Host: Dedicated, Stable, 99.9% uptime


Full Functioning Battle Grounds
Healer & Buff NPC
Job Changer
Skill & Stat Resetter
Platinum Skills
Card Remover
Card Exchange to coin system
Server updated up to LHZ 4 and Izlude 5
WoE First Edition & Second Edition
Regular Events
Gold Coins for Items & Hats
Poring Catcher Event
Poring Punch Event
Cluckers Event
Guess the Password Event
King of Emperium
Maze Event
Disguise Event
Novize vs Zombie Event
Facebook events & Forum Events

One of the biggest changes on WoonRO is that we now allow the use of ROMed. It is included in our lite client download.
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