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RO2Illuminati - Private Ro2 Server

Professionally Hosted Ro2 Server Coming Up, No Lag No Wipe, 100% Support. Join Now! 2x Quad Core Xeon 3Ghz, 8GB RAM, 1000Mbit.


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Welcome to the Illuminati Ro2 server, you might be pleased to hear this server is ran by a professional dedicated team of entrepeneurs looking forward to giving you the best Illuminati Ro2 experience. Following is a list of additional server information. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Illuminati Ro2 is running on a dual quad core 3.0ghz Xeon system containing 8GBs of 667MHz ram, a boasting hard drive running at 15.000rpm and lots more, all this on a 1Gbps Connection only to give you the best experience possible.

Not only the system specs are top-of-the-line,
we will also back up all data to ensure
your character will never be lost.

Also in addition we are able to give you 24/7 support, all incoming mails are directly transferred to one of our team members ensuring maximum feedback potential. Our dedicated team will do their very best to ensure your experience will be a positive one!

Still not convinced? in addition to all normal team activities we will be working on a very detailed account system, allowing you to change every aspect of your character without logging into the game, adding custom items or changing your gender has never been easier.

Events will also play a major part resulting in a combination of all major events and custom unique events. To find out more check the Forum or contact us through e-mail.
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