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Play ggran and Get great prizes!

The only latest version updated with official ranonline will appear in philipines.high drop rate and exp rate, you will get eps only you are online,you can get the best joy.please log onto the website:GGran.com in details.


Zeroran EPX serverⅡ is being open Recently! Great prizes are waiting for you!

Highlights 1). Register first and you can get 1000 eps in your account, you can register as many as you want and also you can register at any time.
Highlights 2). All weapons in item shop include one of jail of secret series are only one (1) e-points.
Highlights 3). Add jail of secret version.

Update 1). Add 12 new weapons such as non-double sword, god killing blade, heavy/light dark shadow gaunlets,
tian wu bow, non-dust bow, mist wand and phoenix sing spear, etc.
Update 2). Add tian wu sets for all classes - demons sets
update 3). Add 24 skills in jail of secret
update 4). Add 6 new map in jail entrance

a). Jail level 1 - Hall
b). Jail level 2 - high penalty section
c). Jail level 3 - dirtiness section
d). Jail level 4 - in vivo section
e). Jail level 5 - biochemistry section
f). Jail level 6 - hate section

Update 5). Add new mobs such as Fatty, Mei. Failure human, Failure monkey, new boss like Clive boss and Mei boss

Particular set-up:
Any class can use all weapons and skills. most of rare items can be bought to NPC in in-game include:
4 hoverboards, baterry, all kind of pets, character add card, etc.

highlights 4). Add E-points system:
You can hunt E-points at the mobs

Highlights 5). At Adertising phase, as long as insist to write two post everyday, you can get 40 eps(you must write two post everyday to effect this)

Highlight 6). Invite your friends to play zeroran and you will get great prizes. Please remind to your friends to add your code while register.

How to get your e-points:

As long as your friend gets 10 re-birth you will get 40 e-points, for 20 rebirth you will get 80 e-points, and if your friend get the maximum rebirth of 35 you will get 500 e-points.

To claim this prizes please contact the GM. But before you get the prizes, the GM will review first the recommendation. If it’s legal you can get your prizes, but if it is illegal the GM will cancel the prizes.

The above information is absolutely true. We never exaggerate our advertising. Zeroran has been opened almost one year now and hundreds of the players here give “trust and support” in this server. Henceforth, the zeroran team will provide more joyful game experience and quality services for the players. Hope more players can support the zeroran.

For detailed info, please visit our forum first.
Forum address: http://bbs2.zeroran.com/Index.aspx
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