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new 24/7 Fully Dedicated Server with 1,000 MBPS UPLINK, New PREMIUM SKILLS & LEVEL 300-A to 300-O, New Armors and Costumes, New Weapons and Items, FREE Skills 7 to 297, Unlimited Reborn as you can. VISIT>>



24/7 Fully Dedicated Server
3,000 player capacity

New Server and Database
New SKILLS LEVEL 300A to 300O
New Armors and Costumes
New Map, Mobs and Monster
New Weapons and Items
Exp Rates = x1000
Gold Rates = x10
Item Rates = x5
FREE AutoSkills 7 to 297
FREE x4 Rosa & Lourence Ring
Pets, HoverBoard, Costumes @ NPC
Level 1to 170 inside campus only
3 Stat and 2 Skill Points per Level
Maximum Level is 300
Auto Reborn on Level 300 + 10M Gold
Reborn back to Level 250
Unlimited Reborn as you can
Voting every 12 hours with Points
Buy Item Shop using Points
Low Cost of Donator's Reward Items
Friendly and Humble Admins, and GMs

We Choose to Low the drop of GOLD and Items so we can use MARKETING ECONOMY and not become boring soon


High item drop rate will be useless to player if they have lot of items that can be easily take.


Screenshots from the web site and/or the game it self.
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