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KasparScape Private Server

24/7 Dedicated Server | Silab/Jagex Items | Constant Uptime | Donator Items | Friendly Mods and Admins | Many Extra Features Such As: Live Support | God Swords | Skill Capes | Kasparscape.com |


KasparScape is the place to be...With it's upcoming release of V3, it is growing even more popular. We have great friendly admins and mods and even the two owners will help you out! We have live support, onsite music player to play while you play, Jagex items, and a great community. We're almost never under 20 people online, so you'll always have someone to pk, befriend, or ask for help! This server is VERY noob friendly and very very fun. We highly encourage female gamers to join, as our current ratio is 1324.5 boys to every girl. We have the MOST features and I'm CONSTANTLY updating it and improving it, along with the website. We also take pride in being the most well maintained server. Our admins are great, and rule breakers almost never go unpunished!
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