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Rule-12.com | Runescape & Mechscape Cheating, Blac

Rule-12.com is dedicated to Runescape & Mechscape Real World Trading. Buy & Sell Accounts, Gold, Services, Membership and much More! We have a friendly community that helps with Guides, Private Servers, RSBot and much more!


Rule-12 is a new black market community based on Runescape and Mechscape. Rule-12 is launched to benefit the people wanting to buy/sell/trade Runescape accounts and gold, as well as services such as powerleveling, firecaping and much more.

Rule-12 is a friendly community looking for new, trustworthy members to add to our great community! We treat all of our members with respect and they are always allowed to share there opinions.

We have active moderators that always browse the forum to ensure safety for the members.

What do we have to offer?
- Buy and Sell Runescape Accounts/Gold/Membership.
- Services such as Firecaping, Skill/Combat Training, questing, and much more.
- A full Grpahics Section for those who are interested in GFX.
- A Runescape section to talk about Skills, Characters, Items, Video's etc.
- A paid professional vBulletin forum with lots of features!

It's fast and it's free, and always will be! It's extremely east to use and get used to, so get in quick and become an early members because this site is going to be huge!

Visit Rule-12.com Today!
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