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Snipers At Heart

A friendly, currently small clan that is recruiting and willing to expand. We are Snipers mainly and we play Freeze Tag. We have a multi-game server, IP: Also recruiting members for Trials, Racing and Onslaught!


Snipers At Heart Freeze Tag UT2004 Unreal Tournament Gaming Clan; Friendly excited for more action and recruiting! We all stick together and have fun playing against many different clans and always help each other get better and accept many people, even if they are bad, because as long as they are devoted and interested, we are interested. There is always potential and we can see that. We will gladly train you to the best you can be! We have American and European players. It's a pretty equal balance of each. We have a teamspeak as well and we all communicate together there and dominate together and have a blast! We are currently in desperate need of a serious programmer who knows the language of Unreal Tournament so we can really expand our server and make it perfect and exactly what we want. When we started this clan, we basically just wanted some friends to be together and have fun. And since, we have had more and more come wanting to be a part of this family of gamers! We really communicate and have a lot of fun together and we need more people like that in our clan. If you think you fit this description, come on by and put in an application in our Human Resources Department. Thanks for your interest in SAH!
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