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Unreal Addicts - Elite UT Sniper and UT Community

Unreal Tournament Snipers and UT Gaming Community (spon by Clan TSU): join FUN and ACTIVE forums and UT Sniper and gaming discussions, UT servers, hundreds of Arcade Games, UT FILES/MAPS/MUSIC DOWNLOADS, tournaments, contests and more....


What is Unreal Addicts?

Unreal Addicts is a unreal tournament site and community (forums) made and run by Unreal Tournament Addicts: covering all aspects of Unreal Tournament from UT99 to UT3 and beyond. Sponsored and founded by Clan TSU (See "What is Clan TSU?" bellow), Unreal addicts is one of the fastest growing, longest running, largest and most active clan and community sites in UT.

Whatever your fix: UT Sniper and gaming discussions, UT servers, hundreds of Arcade Games, UT FILES, MAPS, MUSIC, DOWNLOADS, UT WIKI, modding, tournaments, contests or whatever (naruto and bleach anime videos, blogs, networking, mp3, image hosting and more)... dig in take aim, Unreal Addicts is the place for you!!

Frag on addicts...frag on.

What is TSU?

TSU – “The Sniper Upstarts” – in its original and simplest form is an Unreal Tournament Sniper Clan (Unreal Tournamnent is first-person multiplayer PC game released by Epic Games). A group of individuals that have come together to hone their skills, play as a team, and/or share their ideas and enjoyment of the game of Unreal Tournament – Sniper Arena Style (all sniper rifles as weapons).

But TSU has long come to be more than just a single team of UTSA gamers. TSU has become a great place to test your skills with or against new and veteran UT snipers alike; it is a dynamic and ever growing community to meet and exchange ideas with not only UT snipers, but gamers and great people from around the world; and even more so, TSU is a spirit of gaming synonymous with sportsmanship, integrity, good competition and old-fashioned fragging fun!

Most importantly, what started as a simple way for a few gamers to play UTSA together has become an undeniable and unforgettable channel for fun, camaraderie and lifelong friendships.

So from all the members of TSU – The Sniper Upstarts – to all present and future Unreal Tournament snipers and gamers alike….

Welcome! Make yourself at home and kick back...
but always remember... aim high, watch your head and good fraggin to you![/FONT]

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Learn more about TSU
About Clan TSU
TSU Clan Roster
TSU Clan Values and Code of Conduct

TSU Forum Rules and Regulations[/SIZE]

See you in the trenches!
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