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~Caelum[3.2.2/3.0.9/2.4.3 REALMS]~

[ULDUAR,DK,TALENTS working!][3.2.2 SUPPORT!!! With instant 80 and 50K start gold][INSTANT LEVEL 70/80][FULL PVP/BATTLEGROUND SERVER][CUSTOM PVP EQUIPEMENT][FUN and HIGH realms][HUGE SHOPPING MALLS][[TIER 8 & 7][Voting,donation rewards][Constant Uptim


Wow Caelum is a Server designed for an extremely large demographic of players. We have a 2.4.3 PvP Fun server, 2.4.3 High Rate Server, 3.0.9 PvP server and a 3.1.x PvP Server. We host events DAILY on all of the servers, and each of the gms interact personally with the players.

We have four developers that are constantly adding scripts and raids to the server. This adds a nice feeling of not being left behind, even on the 2.4.3 server.

*-----------The 2.4.3 Server--------------*

The 2.4.3 Server is based around 2 (soon 3) malls. These malls include every piece of gear you could possibly want, but not for free. Tier V and lower is free, but Tier VI costs 100,000 gold per piece. Also, Season IV gear costs 10k honor and 2k gold per piece, allowing players to actually have goals to work for.
The large majority of our 2.4.3 is based around PvP such as Gurubashi Arena and Warsong Gulch. There are always full teams on WSG, and battlegrounds are automatically added as one fills up. Donor gear is not allowed in WSG to provide a fair playing environment for others.
To throw in a nice element of PvE as well as PvP, we have added a custom raid we call Un'goro as it is based in Un'Goro Crater. Players can receive a special medallion from this crater that will in turn help with PvP.

*-----------The 3.1.x Server--------------*

Our 3.1.x Server is constantly moderated, with little bugs and errors. ALL Major bosses are back and fully scripted, just like retail. Easy teleporters and portals are used to access any of the major areas in WoW, including portals to every major city. Winterspring is working, with vehicles and working WinterSpring Battlegrounds.
An easy-to-use GM npc is used to create events on command, scripted and working in C++. Players can win custom items to use wherever they go in the server. These items are not overpowered, just different. This throws a feeling like you always have something to accomplish in our server.

*------------The Forums---------------*

Our forums are constantly being monitored by me and Highborne (A.K.A Spiritae on Wow--v) and are posted on by our players every day. You can look here for guides, update information and more. If you have a problem, posting it on the forums guarantees help within 12 hours. Our gms are placed throughout different time zones so there is always someone on to help you with your problems, as well as being multi-lingual. We can speak Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, and of course English. We can play to any demographic, no matter who you are.

Come check out our server!
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