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MGA WoW 3.3.5a - The Elite Server

Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a Instant 80 PvP & PvE| No Lag, Proffesional Staff & Support Team Voting Shop Rewards Active Arenas WORKING GAME MECHANICS And much much more


We would like to re-introduce MGAWOW. We've a blizzlike server recently updated to 3.3.5a. MGAWOW has been running for the past 4 years+ and is headed by a very dedicated owner/dev Biglad and is based on TrinityCore.

Because we at MGA understand that you don't always have time to play, and that you don't really want anything for free, we have settled on a playable rate, without taking away the player experiece of leveling up.
Our rates:

  • Experience 3
  • Honor 3
  • Gold 4
  • Profession 2
  • Reputation 2

We offer:
A Guild transfer service, without putting current players at an disadvantage, but also supplying a base for the new guilds you get lvl 80 chars, 75K honor 5K arena, etc.......

Lots of working instances, quests, etc. I'm not going to say 0% latency, as it is a myth. I can however say, that we have very low latency server side.

A unique vote reward system that does not imbalance gameplay, instead of armour/weapons etc, we offer Redemption/Blizzcon items, items that is not generally available to private server players but can be obtained on offi servers. There is a rule we apply when selecting these items: They should not be custom, they should be available on offi, in the form of Redemption, Blizzcon or the special boxed sets.

I believe our motto says it all: MGAWOW, Come as Players, Stay as Family.

Visit us at MGA WoW - The Elite Private World of Warcraft Server

For a limited time: We offer single character transfers as a belated celebration to our update to 3.3.5a.

Visit us at MGA WoW - The Elite Private World of Warcraft Server
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