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Dans WoW Servers

[Custom Areas, City, Malls, Quests etc..] [Fun, New, and Custom Events!] [Custom S7 & T9] [100Mbps NO LAG] [Teleport Stone] [Start LVL60 T3] [Spawned Northrend & Instances]


Server Updates

Dans WoW Servers welcome all English players to play on our 24/7 funserver! Foreign languages will not be tolerated as this is an English speaking server!

Dans WotLK 3.0.9
~ Vote Reward System ~
~ Donation Reward System ~
~ Level 60 Start ~
~ Northrend Spawned ~
~ Working DKs ~
~ Custom DK T6 & T8 ~
~ Custom Areas ~
~ Custom Quests ~
~ Custom Instance ~
~ Custom City (Under Con) ~
~ PvP Area ~
~ Great Staff ~
~ English Only ~

(NOW LIVE!) Dans PPvP 3.0.9
~ Custom Battleground (Azshara Crater) ~
~ Custom Quests ~
~ Custom Season 7 ~
~ Custom Start Zones ~
~ English Only ~
~ Level 80 Start ~
~ Pure PvP ~
~ Token System ~
~ Working DKs ~
~ Working Siege Tanks ~

EMU: ArcEmu *Latest Revisions*
DTB: NCDB + Custom DB

OPS: Windows Server 2003 Standard x86
CPU: Intel Xeon Quad-Core X3210
RAM: 4GB Memory
HDD: 160GB 7200rpm Hard Disk
NET: 100Mbps (4.0 TB Bandwidth)

OPS: Windows Server 2003 Standard x86
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E4600
RAM: 2GB Memory
HDD: 160GB 7200rpm Hard Disk
NET: 100Mbps (4.0 TB Bandwidth)

Realmlist: login.dangaming.co.uk
Required Version: 3.0.9 + The Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King

The server rates are:

Reputation:[/B] x2
EXP: x35 (lvl80Cap)
Quest EXP: x35
Drops: x10
Gold: x35
Skills: x35
Honor/Arena Multiplier: x10

Vote for Dans WoW Servers!
You can now earn rewards for voting for our servers!
Use the vote reward system to earn vote points and gain items only obtainable through voting! Please vote for Dans WoW Servers! The votes will get us higher in the list!
Which means:

More Fun!
More players!
More help!
More events!
A more active server!

Vote for Dans WoW Servers and we can expect a better server! :)

Teamspeak Server
Join our teamspeak! Chat to the Game Masters and our players!
Or use the teamspeak for help & support. We'll try to be online as much as possible.


News Update

Hey hey,

Finally another update! It's been a long while I guess eh? Where do I start?

Well first off that we've hired a bunch of Game Masters once again. Some of them took longer to adjust to their responsibility than others... I'm sure we're able to forgive and forget. Death Knights runic power IS working but the rate of generation I believe is a tad slow. But I'm sure we'll come to it soon enough. Death Knights are getting to the point of being ironed out and they are getting fewer and fewer bugs and complains. Either that, or you guys have learned to shut up! lol. Only kidding.

And also, I have the honor on introducing something that me and Dan(Mostly Dan)have been working on. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you. Dan's Pure PVP!!!.

In this realm, you earn everything by your own feats of strength. Every enemy that falls to your blade you earn a Minor Battle token. These token will accumulate you'll be able to purchase items. You then can also convert 10 Minor Battle Tokens into 1 Medium Battle Tokens. Then you can even thus also take 10 Medium Battle Tokens and exchange them for a Major Battle Token. These tokens will be your treasure as you earn kills and better gear. Also, you might have noticed in a few of the screen shots that there is indeed Battle Tanks. These battle tanks are available to those who wish to sacrifice 5 Minor Battle Tokens for the keys for one of these babies. This machine comes equipped with a Hemi, a machine gun and a cannon that can even make a hole through Illidans head.

This realm is almost upon completion, it does not have a release date quite yet but Dan and I are working hard to make sure you guys can wield your swords and feed your blades with the sweet taste of the enemies blood.

We are all aware that there is no Jewel Crafting trainers and vendors have disappeared but I assure you it was for a good reason. Last night we had dozens of crashes and it seemed that if you were to make a specific ring it would not only disconnect you, but the entire server. We deleted these vendors for a mere precaution. A prankster was among us causing this havoc. We will work on this bug and hopefully get you guys back to Jewel Crafting as soon as we can!

Hope too see you guys soon!
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