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Night WoW

Play WoW as it was meant to be. Perfectly Blizzlike, all Battlegrounds & Arenas & Instances working. 100% fair play. Least bugged & stable! Great GM support! Carefully maintained and up to date. WotLK 3.2.2. Welcome to Night!


The Night WoW is Blizzlike PvP server with 1x drop and experience rates. Server follows Blizz's rules and has no added NPCs or quests. Friendly Game Masters help players and use their GM powers to solve bugs, nothing more (no GM power abuses).

Server is updated regularly and backups taken every day. Donations for items/level/gold are not available, so everyone are equal on this server. Playing on Night is free.

All Battlegrounds are working and with brackets.

Currently server is running WoW + Burning Crusade + WotLK. More instructions how to install, update and login to Night on website.

Welcome to the Night!

-Night Staff
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