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Arathor WoW Realm | 3.3.5a | PVP | High Rate |

3.3.5a support, Great Gm's, High rates, PVP, Arenas BG's working, Daily raids, Weekly events, Constant updates.


Arathor Site CLICK HERE!

Realm: Arathor
xp: 80x
Quest: 90x
Drops: 50x
Money: 100x

3.3.5a Fully working no BUGS!



High xp
Fully working world
Fully scripted boss encounters
All blizzlike
Helpful gms always online helping
upcoming events as community grows.
Battlegrounds and Arenas fully working.
Transports fully working.
All class quests working for class spells.
No lag hosted on a high end Dedicated server.
Daily raids
Weekly events
helpful GM's
Constant updates
Isle of quel danas fully spawned
Sunwell spawned
MGT spawned

GMs and admins will be constantly putting up raids and main city events to keep player occupied at night time. Seen as tho the server calms down then we will be putting on events such as main city attacks etc.

100% blizzlike spawns

Come and join 3.3.5a Official wow patch ONLY

Join now and expand our always growing community @ Arathor Site CLICK HERE!]
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