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BizonWOW | High Rates | WOTLK 3.0.3 | PVP Server

[WRATH of THE LICH KING] [3.0.3 SUPPORTED] [NO DONATION GEAR] [300x exp rate] Taxi to get where you need to go, instantly.[Play BIZONWOW] [Optional Instant Level 80, or Level, your choice!]


BIZONWOW is a Wrath of the Lich King world of warcraft private server, patch 3.0.3 is required to play, and enjoy BIZONWOW.

You have multiple options upon entering the world of BIZONWOW. You can do the Starter Quest and receive alot of items to make your venture in BIZONWOW simpliler, or you can not, the choice is yours.

Once again you are faced with another choice a revolutionary one that no other server has! You choose if you want to be instantly level 80, or level in our luscious high rates 300x rate server, all in the same realm, so the Instant 80 players get to play with the people that choose to level, but also a revolutionary feature, a Instant level 80 player, can not gank someone that chooses to level, unless the leveler types /pvp to enable limitless level pvp contact.

BIZONWOW is not just a game, its a community, join the community at Bizonwow.com

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