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Hypnotic WoW...Prepare To Be Mesmerized

WotLK Realm*Most Working WotLK Content ANYWHERE*2.4.x Realm*Dedicated Hosting*Fun Server Rates*Active GM’s*Custom Scipts, Quests & Storyline*Thousands of Vote Rewards*1500+ Player Cap*TONS of never before seen content*Adult Owned & Operated*EPIC


Hypnotic WoW Wrath of the Lich King Realm

Few words can describe the power of the Lich King. Few words can describe the horrible torrent that lay ahead of you. Your adventures have taken you all over Azeroth, through the Dark Portal and into The Outlands, now the Lich King awaits you in Northrend. Join fellow heros as you journey to the land of Northrend to meet challenges of which you have never seen.

Join Hypnotic-Wow and let us show you a Wrath of the Lich King experience in the likes of which you have never seen with:

-Working Death Knight Classes
-Brand new vote reward system
-Working Barber Shops
-Donor Items available for purchase
-Working Achievements
-Excellent Uptime, Dedicated Host
-Working Glyph System
-Functional Talent Trees
-1500 Player Cap
- 2.4.3 Realm and 3.0.3 Wotlk Realm
-125x Experience Rate and Quest Experience Rate
-Modified Item Drop Rate
-130x Gold Drop Rate
-Excellent, Dedicated staff that are willing to help anytime

If you are prepared for what awaits you in the enlightening expanses of Northrend, and are willing to face the hidden perils of its landscape, then please join us by registering at our website: www.hypnotic-wow.com The Lich King is planning your destruction, gather your fellow heros and purge the land of his evil.

Hypnotic WoW 2.4.3 FunServer

It would be safe to say that the fate of Azeroth and Kalimdor now rest in your hands my friends. The time for peace has ended, and an old power has risen to the fore to claim the thrones of Azeroth and Kalimdor. These endless armies of undead monstrosities never tire, never rest, and never accept defeat. They care not for the petty alliances the races of Azeroth and Kalimdor have made; they fight for neither the mighty Horde nor the noble Alliance. The Lords and Masters of this mighty power care not for the lives of others, and thirst only for eternal power, and control. They are the Forsaken, and they have come, they have fought, and they have conquered all that stood in their path. A new breed of Hero is needed, and that new Hero is YOU! The lands once controlled by the Alliance and Horde are controlled now by The Forsaken. The Mighty cities burn, all the kings have fallen. The Old World is no more.

Come Join Hypnotic-WoW, All the Capital Cities have been revamped and are now ready to be saved from the Undying Legions of The Forsaken, new kings are needed and the Throne is yours to claim.

-Fully customized cities
-Brand new vote reward system
-Donor Items available for purchase
-Scripted Instances and Raids
-Excellent Uptime
-Excellent, Dedicated staff that actually have a sense of humor!
-1000 Player Cap
-3 Servers with
-200x Experience Rate and Quest Experience Rate
-130x Gold Drop Rate
-Modified Item Drop Rate

If you’re ready to except this wonderfully massive undertaking, please visit our website and sign up today, The Forsaken await your arrival with fear, for they know that this new breed of Hero will mean an end to their reign of terror. For now there is only war, and only when a new King claims the throne shall the races of Azeroth and Kalimdor truly live again.
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