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Apex WoW: Home of True PvP

::::3.0.3 WOTLK Support, SEASON 5! 99% Bug Free, 100% Lag Free, Constant Uptime, Hundreds of Custom items, helpful GM's, Tons of Fun events, Consistent updates, Home of TRUE PvP::::


Apex Started off First with Dante and Cyonia who wanted to bring up a Private server that was different, or at least a little bit. it has had some hard times but it has eventually led to a great server with the little staff it has. Our Main Goal of the Server is to Spread the word and let other Servers know that we may not be the best coded, but when it comes to pvp, you can't come near us. with loads of events and up to 40 on 40 arena action, it can't get any better.

Apex-WoW so far has two servers, but we are Working on 2 more.

High Rate
tons of pvp and events
warp npc's in all citys
60 x XP
75 x quest
100 x gold
20-80 x item drop rates

Apex-WoW All-Free:
Instant 80
Custom Mall
Custom pvp gear for every Class
Warp Npc's to every Area
Lots of PvP
Full blown fun! :D

We usually update pretty often, tho when we have bugs/updates we usually update instantly, and fix the bugs, or put in the updates, no bug goes unnoticed that's for one. our server PC has a Terabyte Internet Connection, with a Quad Core processer and 4 gigs of ram, which usually runs lag free.

We hope to see you soon, and spread the word!
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