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World of Bloodcraft - Blizz Clone

New Server / Real Fair Blizz Clone / All Rates x1 / Mature Admins and GMs / Never Any Gear Donations / 100% Fair / Very Stable / Least Bugged / This Place Makes the Difference / Join us and play the game the real blizzlike way / 2.4.3 TBC and non TBC


Welcome to BloodCraft Blizz Clone Server. We are dedicated to keeping World of Warcraft as it is meant to be played. All rates are set to x1 with no custom content. The server never had and will never have donations for gear. There is no cheating, no special treatment, no overpowered event rewards. The only way to get items is to earn them the real way... through playing the game. For BloodCraft, fairness is the key.

At the moment, the realm is still very fresh, with only a few of players online. We are working to invite more people to join and have fun with us. We intend to have the realm nicely populated within 1-2months. Grab your chance to get in near the start and be ahead of the game :)
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