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3.3.5a Blizzlike-midrate, XP: 7x, Retail oriented (no customs at all), Scripted, Decent Uptime, No Lag, 1000 MB/s Dedicated Hardware, Aaand... No lying, greedy or boastful administration, No fake queues, No imba donors, in short, the dedicated few :)


Pandora World of Warcraft Private Server 3.3.5

Frostwing Realm:

  • Current Version: 3.3.5
  • Expansion Pack: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Optimal Capacity: 1000 players
XP Rates:

  • Killing: 10x
  • Quests: 10x
  • Exploring: 5x

  • Money Loot: 2x
  • Items Loot: 5x, 3x, 2x (Normal, Uncommon/Rare, Epic)
  • Resting Bonus: 2x
  • Honor Points: 3x
  • Reputation Gain: 3x

  • Blizzlike: Spawns, Monsters Stats, AI Scripts
  • Blizzlike: Vendors, NPCs, Dialogs, Quests
  • Blizzlike: Spells, Talents, Attributes
  • NO CUSTOM ITEMS, that means MORE FAIRNESS between players!
  • Line of Sight and Collision System
  • Scripted Instances
  • Working battlegrounds and PvP systems
  • Constant core and database updates for stability and quality

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