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4.0.6a Cataclysm Glizzard

4.0.6a Instant Level 85 Full Content Cataclysm Server | Second realm - 3.3.5a Blizzlike | Scripted Wintergrasp | Localized Content: Quests/NPC on EN/DE/ES/RU/FR | Icecrown Citadel - scripted | | Scripted Instances | Low latency | Friendly GMs | Nic


Our server is hosted by powerful servers and experienced team. We have some unique features, not seen anywhere before!


  • 100% Working
  • When you are in Northrend teritory ot dungeon and your team controls Wintergrasp you get Essence of Wintergrasp buff, which allows you to collect Stone Keeper's Shards from dungeons and heroic and gives you 5% bonus exp - Do you know what does that mean?!?!?
  • Scripted Vehicles. The main part of Wintergrasp - grab a cannon or siege engine and proove yourself in Lake Wintergrasp
  • Wintergrasp battle every 2:30 hours (Blizzlike)


  • enGB - Great Britan English
  • enUS - American English
  • esES - Spanish
  • deDE - Deutsch
  • frFR - French

What does that mean?
It means that you can download the original language pack from Blizzard patch your WoW and play in your language.

Your whole interface including NPC names, Quests and items will appear in your language. Have you seen anything like this before???

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