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Vanilla Exuberance - 1.12

20x rates :: nice community :: scripted instances :: working battlegrounds :: vanilla pvp ranking system :: patch 1.12 :: 1x rates :: 24/7 uptime :: no-lag :: anti-cheat



Thank you for your interest in Vanilla Exuberance! We're a fresh to the scene World of Warcraft private server featuring patch 1.12, also called Vanilla. Our intention was to develop a server that would beat ones wildest imagination! We believe that we've succeeded.

We know exactly what we want, which means it should be exactly what you want! We miss the old days, the good days, the 1.12 days!

No more Wrath of the Fail King! No Deathwing taking a dump on stormwind! And certianly no freaking pandas jumping around in a wanna be kung fu realm! Are you also sick of these patches that have just torn the game apart? Well, your rescue is here! Vanilla Exuberance is the server for you.

No cheap easy-to-get donator items!
No 100x rates!
No 500k million damage on weapons!
No instant max level!

I welcome you to Vanilla Exuberance!
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