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Gurubasher / Blizz 1x / BETA SOON

[100% Blizzlike 1x rate][LFD][100% working BGs][100% quests][100% Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK instances][Better pathfinding][No Lag][Auto BackUp][Professional Team][No pay to win]


The only WOTLK Blizzlike server with a twist:

[1x rates] [Blizzlike features 100% working - BGs (Wintergrasp included) - Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK dungeons and raids - All quests - Better pathfinding - Pets behaviour] [Free For All intrafaction PVP and wPVP] [Crossfaction chat and PVE] [Free to play - Not pay to win] [Rates and several features voted by players] [Based on the most advanced WOTLK 3.3.5a core: Sunwell Core].

Check the website for more information:

A new fresh WOTLK 3.3.5a server opening soon!

Test phases are coming!

Gurubasher is a new kind of blizzlike WOW private server: everything is blizzlike but you can fight your own faction in PVP and you can group and play with the other faction as well. It means that there will be much more PVP, world PVP, and much more opportunities to create guilds, make friends, trade, run dungeons and raids etc...
It's not a temporary feature, it will stay like this forever.

Blizzlike features:
- All quests working
- All Battlegrounds working, even Wintergrasp
- All dungeons and instances working as intended, even vanilla and TBC ones
- All spells working
- Higher quality pathfinding
- Pet behaviour fixed
- And many more that you can read by browsing our website's links

- No pay to win
- All donation used to improve server - advertising and hardware
- Listen to the players - rates and some features are based on players' votes
- No corrupted GMs
- No cheaters allowed
- No multiboxing
- Hard working and determined - we've been working on this since early 2016 and we intend to stay

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