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LitchLight III

LitchLight WoW Public Test Realm is ONLINE!!! WotLK 335a+ Guildwarz Playerbot and MANY enhancements and features.


* Genuinely "Blizz-Like" experience for those who want it.
This means we include all original content, scripted as it should be, and working exactly as it should in 99.9% of cases. We rely on development at TRINITYCORE.ORG for our updates, and where we patch, change or improve their code, updates are sent BACK TO TRINITY so their core improves.

* "BlizzLike" WoW
Most content working as it should.
All classes and specs working 99% as they should.
Battlegrounds, Arena, Dungeons and Raids.

* Extended WoW
We offer the following features that Blizz never dreamed of...
Transmog and Reforge for WotLK
Cross Faction Groups, Trading and BG's
Bots and Player automation
Load up to TEN of your characters in a single WoW client...
... and control them with ease!!!
Players able to BUY AREAS and ...
BUILD THEIR OWN SETTLEMENTS into the game (Working 2017!) ...
Buy GUARDS to protect their areas! (Working 2017!) ...
Capture an opposing guild's land and resources!!! (Working 2018!) ...
Seamless transfer between realms and game versions...
...eg sick of WRATH? Transfer to MoP! (Soon!)

Many, Many, Many other refinements that Blizz missed.
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