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Emerald Sanctum

Emerald Sanctum offers a multi-expansion progressive realm based on PvE that will run starting at Vanilla 1.2 and run till Legion. Players can choose at the end of each major expansion to stay or transfer to the next expansion. Rates are always 1x.


Let me be the first to welcome you to Emerald Sanctum. Our vision is to create a multi-expansion realm that will run starting at 1.2 and will be updated on a patch by patch bases until we reach 1.12. Once the vanilla realm has reached the end at 1.12 you will be allowed to either remain on a dedicated 1.12 realm or transfer your characters to the next expansion, The Burning Crusades. What makes us unique is our vision to keep each completed progressive realm online while also allowing our players to progress to the next expansions if they choose. So play, meet new people, and experience all that there once was in the World of Warcraft here at Emerald Sanctum!
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